the exboyfriends.

As for better overview, I decided to make a whole new page about my exboyfriends and telling the short story of the relationships (chronically). As you can see, I’m not very keen on relationships that last longer than a few months. Sadly. Momo has been the only one so far, that has gotten deep down in my heart and always will.


02/2017 -05/2017
Alan has been a friend to me ever since about 2007. We met on a website, but never actually met in real life. There never really was any interest in that way. I knew his ex-girlfriend back then, and that’s how we got to talk. After Yavin dumpd me, I cut my hair short. Alan sent me a message on snapchat about this, and that’s how we got back in contact. I talked via WhatsApp and called each other. On February 11th we had our first date. We kissed, we had sex, it matched. Only 3 days later we decided to become a couple. It was very nice and I fell in love deeply. Sadly about 2 months later, he didn’t show me any interest anymore. Everything else seemed to be more interesting than me. I told him, he didn’t react and I fell back into depression. He was overwhelmed with my mental and physical health. This continued for 3 weeks, after telling him several times what he should and could do, and him not acting up on it, I broke up with him on 31st May – after he told me he would not come over to my place because of our miscommunication. He didn’t realise how bad it was for me, although I told him several times.

07/2015 -10/2015
I have met Stan on badoo. I just wanted to chat with some idiots on there and kill some time, but never ever expected to meet someone I would fall in love with. But he was funny and I pretty quickly wanted to meet him, which we did. We went to the movies and had a blast, having a drink and just chatting away. A few days later we met up again and he first kissed me. I crushed on him hard. But we also got into fights a lot. Lots of misunderstandings, lots of reassurance he needed from my side, too little feelings I was able to show him on my side. On August 14th he ended things for the billionth time and this time around I didn’t want to be hurt again and again and just walked away. This was the reason he showed me his real feelings and we have gotten on a track we needed to get on. The couple-track… it didn’t last long and there was lots of breaking up and getting back together, until finally on 31th October he broke up for good and told me how worthless I am.

04/2015 – 06/2015

Ken. Where else would I have met him, than on the community I met them all on? He’s been there since about 2008 or something, so I have seen his face several times, read his posts and stuff. But I never actually liked him. Quite the opposite, he seemed really selfish and snotty. For unknown reasons, we started talking in March 2015 when I rejoined the community. We got along perfectly right from the beginning, we had so much fun and just clicked. I think it took me about a week until I really wanted to meet him in RL, but we got into an argument and he canceled our plans. Just another 2 weeks later we did go through with the date though and kissed. We just clicked in RL as well, so things have gotten serious pretty quick.
Everything went a bit too fast for my liking from there. He told literally everyone although I never agreed to a relationship, and soon enough we bumped into the first few issues in our relationship. Whilst I am not expressing my feelings, he has to tell all the time, whilst I’m a optimist, he’s a pessimist and so on. So after he broke up with me about 4 or 5 times  over WhatsApp on June 2nd, he ended it ‘once and for all’ (his words). I didn’t want to put up with this kindergarten any longer so I just accepted it.

09/2013 – 11/2014

Momo – we had been together for something over a year. We did have a wonderful time in the beginning, but have both lied to ourselves. He did lie to me as well. Lots has happened and he’s made lots of mistakes (and so have I probably), but in the end I have made the cut and didn’t want it any longer. Too many broken promises. Too many hollow words spoken, to even consider trying it again. I tried 3 months to keep the relationship, but an one-sided-fight is always lost. So at the end of November 2014 I finally gave up. After lots and lots of tears. It was probably the hardest breakup I’ve ever went through (still to this day!), because I felt like giving up on him, when I didn’t want to. I still loved him. For the longest time (half a year) I just tried to make the relationship seem worse than it was, but after Ken, I realised how much he’s given me. Today, we are talking again, but that’s all.

05/2009 – 07/2009

There’s not much to say about Taylor, so I will just leave you with my explanation-post right here.


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