Happy Birthday, Kenny!

Just a quick update as I am suffering from immense back pain, and I need to keep moving to make it go away and have been writing an essay for school due on Friday for the last 3 hours…

Today was Kenny’s birthday. His package arrived on time. I actually was really nervous when I realised that he might not react the way I expected him to. What if he’d hate it? Or hate me?! But I was worrying over nothing. When he got home in the afternoon he at first just texted me saying “you’re such a dumbass :-* 😀 “. He then told me how happy he was about the presents and that he’s going to think about me every time he uses one of these things. Cute.

I found that very charming and found myself grinning all the while thinking about it. He was genuinely happy and that was a rarity for me. This is a replaying scene actually. Me grinning when thinking about him. And I wish I could stop it already again, but you know, sometimes it feels good to just be happy. Although I know I might never get what I want from him, at least for these tiny moments I am happy. Until I find someone worth loving, who will love me back. And maybe one day I will get used to the thought of him never going to be mine. Who knows really, what the future holds for me?!