Friday night | part 2.

So as you can imagine, I wasn’t in the best place for getting drunk. But I really didn’t care no more. I just wanted to have a good time and enjoy myself. Forget all about Alan for a few hours.

By 11pm when we went to the party I was pretty drunk. I still remember everything I did and said, but I was definitely drunk. Now comes the fun part.

One thing you need to know: when I’m drunk I talk to everyone. I don’t care whether they look at me awkwardly, I just love everybody when I’m drunk. And I dance, like there’s no tomorrow.
So a girl gave me some bracelets to give out and I did just that. I went over to 2 guys that I had been watching before and gave them a bracelet each. One of them – Doc – started to talk to me. He was very beautiful (he still is, even now that I am sober!) and smart. He turned out to be studying to become a doctor in the hospital close to my home. We talked for probably 2 hours (or maybe my time frame has been messed up). We danced and laughed and really just clicked. He talked to my friends as well. Of course my friends all came up and said I should grab him, but I wasn’t drunk enough to make a move. We did dance pretty closely, as in – I could actually smell his breath (that sounds so much worse than what I intended to). When we danced that closely we both looked away as not to get in that situation of a probably-kiss. Yet there were a few of those moments. The chemistry definitely was there. And I think if his friend hadn’t been so grumpy, he probably would have kissed me. It was just perfect.

Unfortunately his friend wasn’t a big fan of us talking so much. I could tell pretty early on that he was upset about being “alone”. At around 2ish o’clock he told him to go home. I really had hoped he would not go, but who am I to deny them to go home? So Doc came over and said “we’re going home now”. Fortunately I was drunk enough to ask him for his number. I was like “Can I have your number?”… and he looked at me and was like “ummmm…. yeah? I guess so” He seemed very shy about it, so I’m not sure whether he just didn’t want to dump me and say no, or if he was just surprised about me asking. Or maybe he had a girlfriend, but then he probably wouldn’t have danced with me like that. Or he was just really drunk.
But I really just wanted to be able and contact him. I didn’t even know his name until he typed it in my phone. Fortunately my friend knew his brother, so I got to his last name as well.

I texted him pretty soon after he left, to have a safe journey home. He texted back “thank you so much, same to you”. To which I replied (still pretty drunk) when I went home “thanks. Going home now as well. Cool to have met you”. It was 3.30am by then.
I did not get a reply so I figured he was already asleep. Haven’t gotten a text message all day today either. So of course my self-conciousness is kicking in. I know he’s way too beautiful to be with me. And he’s very intelligent. And has a nice body. I mean he’s a doc. Come on?!
But then he talked to me for so long last night. And we laughed a lot. Although I guess I made those moves of dancing closer. I’m not exactly sure. So I’m not sure whether he’s just not interested, busy or just forgot again? Maybe he was so drunk he forgot about me? I really can’t tell.

What should I do? Wait for him to text me? Text him in like a day to ask how he’s doing? I really don’t know. I would love to meet him again. He really seemed like a nice guy. And my friends were all over ‘us’ as well.
But he probably doesn’t even know my name. Why do I always forget to ask for names, when I meet someone new? Who even does that? *sigh*

I really am trying not to get my hopes up about this one.



  1. I think if you do decide to text him you should just say “Hey, it’s me from the party the other night! Would you be interested in going to get some dinner soon?” Or something. Just be direct that way you know right away how he’s feeling and won’t get your hopes up for nothing.

    1. That would be very brave 🙂 I’m not that kind of person haha, but I will put up a blog post later on what has happened so far! Thanks for commenting though.

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