bursting heart

Alan invited me to a concert from Ed Sheeran. I have  loved this songwriter long before, but have loved him even more since his new album came out 2 weeks ago. So of course I was over the moon when Alan asked me to come along.

Little did I know how much this concert would change me. Or us.

Things weren’t looking the best beforehand. I thought he might come over to my place after the concert, but when he didn’t bring a bag, I knew he wouldn’t. That left me with a huge clump in my stomach. I am also terrified of concerts for the reason of loads of people in one room. When we were driving to the place, a car accident happened right in front of us, too, which left me shaking. We went there and I got really bad stomach ache (because of my fear). Once we were in the actual concert hall I was feeling better though. I knew I would be okay, with him.

And then the concert began. Alan is the biggest fan of Ed Sheeran ever. He can sing along pretty much every single song. So we were hugging and singing along, just enjoying the evening.

Then this song started. It is one of my favourites, but I never told Alan so. Then he hugged me real tight, quietly singing the lyrics into my ear, dancing with me. Kissing me. Holding me close. And then there was a couple next to us, and the man proposed to his girlfriend. So I got even more emotional. And he was just… I can’t even put this into words. It was just magical. I just felt the love radiate from him. I have never felt it as clearly as I did in that moment and I couldn’t have been happier. I felt so free… and in love. This happened on several songs of course, but this song just stuck with me. As he kept singing “you look perfect tonight” and then adding “you really do”. Being in a dark room, and singing “dancing in the dark, with you between my arms”.

Just the way he looked at me throughout that song. I wish I could put this into words, but I guess I will never forget this feeling again. Or at least I hope I never will.
In that moment, I just knew I want to spend my life with this man and it was so special to be with him in that amazing moment. I felt completed. I still do.

Oh the love I feel for him is indescribable.



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