unexpected turn

Well, there has been a slight turn in events. Although I really don’t want to curse myself, I still feel the need to let y’all know.

Someone new has entered my life, who actually hasn’t been that new to me at all: Alan. I actually have known Alan close to 10 years I think. We don’t really remember how long it has been. I’ve known his girlfriend back in probably 2010 or something and when they broke up I didn’t really talk to him that much anymore, as I was friends with his girlfriend. I talked to him even less once I deleted my profile on the community we “met”. We used to talk every now and then and just knew each other, but never actually met. I’m not sure why, because we both were quite open to see people from the community, but I guess it just never happened.


A few days ago he messaged me on snapchat about my new hair (I chopped them off) and we started talking. I’ve had his mobile number for ages, but we rarely talked. This changed ever since and we have sent texts back and forth over the last 2 days (I also stayed up till 2am, because I wanted to talk to him). We sent a lot of snapchat stories, talked on the phone and what else.

We both have asked ourselves, why we never actually met and that we actually really liked to talk to each other. He is fun, he is cute, he is very intelligent and just… I like him. He is also 2 years younger, but that is not actually a problem to me. What is a problem: He lives almost 2 hours away from me. The good thing is, he lives close to Mr. Cucu’s place, so that wouldn’t be a problem. But I really really wanted to see him this weekend, but one – I was too shy to ask, and two – I can’t just drive there quickly. I’m also considering to ask him out this Tuesday, as I’m off school and he’s a student, but… for some reason I’m just too shy. I really don’t know what is going on. However: I have just asked him to go to the movies with me. We’ll see how this turns out to be 😉

I’ll keep you updated.


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