happy single! Why?

I am so freakin sick of people thinking they know me better than myself.

“Stop lying to yourself, you do want a boyfriend!”

Umm.. no, I – for God’s sake – don’t! Why do people assume that in today’s world we do need that other half? Why can we not be alone and be happy nonetheless? I am so sick of explaining myself over and over and over again. It is okay to be alone these days, it’s okay to be able to work things out all by yourself. Yes, people nowadays are scared of ending up alone. They rather take the next best thing they can lay their hands on, than be alone. I get it, I totally get it. I am not saying I want to end up alone or would be okay with being alone all my life. I do want family. And someone to be close with. But right now,.. I just don’t. I don’t have the time or patience to work on a relationship or even building up a decent fwb or anything alike. I don’t want any emotional work going on right now, so I just tell the guys I meet that I am not interested in anything but chatting every once in a while. Is that wrong? No, it’s not.

This conversation just happened, though:
Guy: What are you looking for on badoo if you don’t want a boyfriend/date/fwb?
Me: Nothing at all 🙂
Guy: Meeting new people?
Me: Maybe.. it’s more a kill-the-time-thing for me
Guy: There’s nothing wrong with getting to know each other. You can’t lose anything, right?
Me: Never said I did. I just don’t want to date anyone.
Guy: Right now you don’t want to 😀 maybe you will meet someone you really want to get to know in real life, so you will date him at last. You never know what awaits.
Me: Sure thing, just wasn’t the case yet though.
Guy: Well, what hasn’t happened yet, can happen soon enough, right?
Me: Yeeeees, I never said I would decline a date, holy… but I do not look for a boyfriend and I am not interested in dating anyone right now
Guy: Why not interested?
Me: Just because…
Guy: there’s no “just because”…

For God’s sake, is it so hard to just accept that a girl does not want to date? What is so wrong with being totally comfortable without dating, making out, having a boyfriend or whatever? Why can I not be happily alone? What the actual fuck?
I am so upset that people cannot simply accept my way of thinking. I don’t hurt anyone, I am upfront – so where’s the big deal with that? I just don’t understand.



  1. Ugh this totally reminds me of a convo I had with a guy in my “Woman Seeking Man” post. I swear people can’t understand the fact that you aren’t looking for anything. So frustrating. Plus I rather be alone than miserable in a relationship with someone I sort of like. I tell my parents all the time, yeah I want kids and if I don’t find someone I will have them on my own.

    1. You are totally right! I mean, I understand that they probably can’t put their mind around this thought, but at least leave those people be and live their own life, right?…

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