back into flirting, yay!

It is interesting how much has changed ever since I rejoined my community. No, I don’t have a boyfriend and I’m not even dating anyone yet. I am just much happier in my daily life. Like today I was walking outside and just thinking about some of the conversations I’ve had, I started smiling like an idiot.

As I’ve said before, I am by no means searching for someone to date – even less have a relationship with. I am looking for some fun texting. I don’t even want to see those guys. Well most of them anyways. I am laughing about their stupid tries to impress me and their stupid compliments about my boobs (I had forgotten how much men are fixed on big boobies, seriously). Also  I have started talking to a lot of guys I used to see weekly back in my teenage years (also through the same community) and it is fun to remember the good ol’ days.

I want to talk about a few guys in particular. Not because I want to date them, but because they make me laugh.
Firstly, there’s Redfox. I actually know him since I very first joined the community back in 2006. He’s always been a no-go for me. I kissed one of his friends once, who was a hottie – let me tell you. But he was just always.. I can’t really describe it, I just didn’t like him, because he was one of those guys who could have had every girl. And usually I’m just not into these guys. Well right after I rejoined he texted me and we have talked ever since. Just today we were talking about how funny it is, that we never in these 9 years have talked, and now we are. He also said today “I’m getting into you more and more.. and I don’t even know why”. Oh well boy.
Then there’s Weirdo. He is a weirdo. We were getting along perfectly and he then gave me his number, I texted him and the conversation literally almost died. I was like “oh.. okay then” and figured that I’d leave him be. After a few days he texted me and flirted hardcore. Oh by the way, right in the beginning he said that he was not looking for sex or a relationship, so that was great for me. Yesterday we were flirting a bit and he said that he’d actually be interested. Then I said that I am not one for a quickie. Immediately he started to behave weird again. Fast forward a few hours and he texted me “you have something. you make me curious, I’m not sure why though”. Okay.
Then there’s Dino. He texted me today and he’s also one I used to meet weekly back in the days. He’s a hottie, let me tell you. He always has been that crush I’ve had. Well we were joking about having kids until I checked his profile again and saw that he’s in a relationship, so I said that I was wondering why he talked to me like that having a girlfriend. He then said that he might soon be single. I’m not one to interrupt a relationship and I told him he can come once it’s over. We are flirting and in the end I think it’s not my problem, but his, right? As long as we won’t see each other, I am not going to stop it. If he wants to flirt – being in a relationship – that’s his decision.

Anyway, I am not looking for anything serious, like I said. I just enjoy the flirting. Immensely.



  1. I am happy you are doing well. Just a little piece of advice; if the last guy you mentioned (I forgot his name) is flirting with you then you should avoid it (may be I am getting too awnti but I don’t want you to get hurt). Also, I know you are looking for nothing serious but flirting is always the head start and we don’t even realise how things get all serious on their own. Anyway, that’s me ranting about my opinion so don’t mind me. Just take care of yourself and make sure you ‘stay happy’.

    Much love,

    1. thank you so much naima, I was waiting for your comment actually haha.
      What you wrote was going on in my head exactly. I would never let myself be treated like this by him and I do not want to date him at all. I am just messing around, I have no intention of even seeing him (except if at one point in the future I’d be up for some fun, but I guess not).
      I will update on that part, this actually happened after I wrote my post and I got let down just a little again today, but then that’s life 🙂
      I absolutely love your diary of nobody posts by the way! 🙂 ❤

    2. Firstly, I read your recent post so yeah, I know how it is turning out for you. Haha, it’s funny how you’ve gotten so used to my comments but you’re awesome and I like to support you in the little way I can (by reading your post and commenting on it). Also, I enjoy your wisdom at times. Thank you for writing and for your courage to share your life experiences and lessons with your readers. Also, thank you for your compliment. It means a lot coming from you. Thank you for reading.

      Much love,

    3. I don’t want to get used to your comments though, because I still appreciate every single one of them. I just always know that if I do something stupid, you will tell me and it gives me some reassurance, you know 🙂

    4. I know what you mean — I don’t want you to get used to my comments either because what if I disappear
      Some day — will be so bad then lol

      Well anyway, I just appreciate you sharing your life and if I can play a little part to support you then it will be my pleasure ❤


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