boys boys, you drive me crazy.

Man I’m starting to go freaking crazy here! So the thing with Bayne.. I still don’t know. I WISH it would work out, like we’re seriously planning on moving in together once he’s done with the army (so that’s in like 1 year or something). As I’m going to school for the last day tomorrow, we’re also planning on meeting up weekly, which I didn’t believe would ever happen, because as I said, he’s going to the army, which leads to him being home just for one day a week, and he wants to spend it with me? Well then! Come at me bro! 🙂

Now, on other terms I’m going fucking crazy about guys. So there’s Kevin. Or there has been. We have been on better terms again and I actually thought about meeting up with him, so I asked him yesterday. All he had to say? “Now it’s too late” and I was like… “well, okay then”. I was FURIOUS  let me tell you, but what else should I have said? Now guess what his response was!!!? “See, and you not complaining is just proving it”. Boy, what else should I have said? Should I have begged for you to meet me? Nope, that’s so not me. So I’m still quite angry at him and I haven’t talked to him since. He has messaged me 3 times since then, so he might regret what I said. But seriously boy?

Then there’s Pat (the one with the two names, ya remember?)… well, he has been reeeaally weird, too. Out of nowhere he was like “so when are you coming over to cuddle with  me?” and I was like “what the hell is wrong with you?” He never even mentioned anything similar to that, so it caught me off guard. And that’s what I told him, so he was just like “well, I can’t always talk around it, now can I?”.. YES YOU CAN BOY! Man. Haven’t really had a conversation with him either.

Then there’s another guy, Steve. I have been talking to him for a while now, and the first thing he’s said to me was that he’s all into sex and one-night-stands. I’m not sure why we kept chatting, but well we did. So from one moment to the other he was like “no, you’re cute. I wouldn’t use that against you.” Yes, as if you would change your whole thinking, because I’m ‘cute’ and different. I haven’t decided yet whether to trust him or not, but I might actually go on a date with him. I dunno, he has kept texting me, however bad I treated him. He know that I’m not sure about it though, so that’s fine.

ALSO the guy from the past has messaged me again (on Saturday night 3am… guess that’s more than enough to say!). Not sure why, but we’ll see. Hasn’t answered again, but that’s okay. He said he would like to live with me (and my cats), so that’s okay.

This all sounds like I’m having an exciting life, but I don’t really. I’m just mad at Kevin, but that’s okay. We’ll see. I might text him. Tomorrow. Or maybe in 2 months. Just to teach him a lesson (as if).


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