Moving in!?

Everyone! I’m currently hiding in my room, because my mom keeps deciding over her head, so I’m now showing her that she can suck my d*ck. Let’s just keep that in secret, will we? 😛

Anyways. About Pat. I still have only gotten an answer I’m not satisfied with. “I have two names, everyone can choose the one he likes better”. What? Who does that? You might have 2 names, but you are always called by the same one, don’t you? Is there anybody out there who let’s people choose what name to call him? Not really, right? Anyway, so that put me off a little. We’re still texting each other every now and then, but yeah… it’s just super strange for me. Also he thought that my nephew is MY child and he didn’t even have a problem with that. So that’s a plus.

As for Bayne. Last year, around July we went on a trip with my brother, which was SO much fun. So we decided that we’re gonna do the same again this year. Unfortunately, he has to go to the army by June, so that’s pretty much impossible. Last week he told me, that he’s gonna go with another (male) school friend, so I was a little disappointed but not really mad. I just acted like I was, so he was like “why don’t you come along?… I don’t like the other guys too much anyways..” That friend we was going with, would take other guys along who he isn’t too fond off, so he asked that friend if I could come along, and we’d split up. So yeah, we’re going on that trip together on Friday.

It’s been really awkward between us. Or maybe I’m imagining it to be awkward. I’ve been to the point to ask another schoolmate about it. Like, if he thinks that he might have a crush on me and if he thinks it could work out, because I’m not like… I didn’t friendzone him quite yet. Anyway, so we have been talking about moving in together quite a lot lately. So I asked him, if he actually was serious about it, or if he could even IMAGINE to move in with me. He said yes. But that’s not gonna happen anytime soon. Earliest might be in 2 years, so yeah. If we’re still in contact (I think and HOPE we are), this might actually happen.

So I think that is all for today. I’ll be back when I have more to tell 😉


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