Oh my.

Hellooo people!
Long time no see! I think. I’m not sure when I last posted but anyways. I’ve met that new dude. Not sure whether he’s worth a category yet, but his name is Pat.

I first talked to him… wow. 2 weeks ago. I was gonna say like 2 months, what the hell… well anywaaays. So I liked a photo he’s taken and he started asking me questions. Turned out that he works in the same city as me. We exchanged phone numbers and started texting. Not too much but regularly.

He’s kinda cute. I usually don’t like men who look older, but he has a nice smile. Anyhoo. So he told me his name right from the beginning: Pat. Today I was looking through his pictures when I saw a watermark on some of his photos. I was curious because it didn’t include his name (the one he told me) and I don’t know his surname. So I visited that page and there was his face with the name: Jamie.


So I texted him that I was a little confused about his name, cuz he told me he’s called Pat but the page says Jamie. His answer was “you know, there are people out there with 2 names or more”… so I was like “yeah. But you usually are only called by one..” He hasn’t answered yet. It just makes me become very suspicious. It’s not that big of a deal,… it’s just a name.. but why lie?

If he lies about his name, whatelse hasn’t he told me?…



    1. No, I asked him. He has two names,… I’m not sure why he’s not always using the same one. Like, if you’d be called Anna Maria. He’s like “you can call me Anna.. or Maria. Just choose the one you like more”… and this makes absolutely no reason, does it? I’ll ask him, if I ever bump into him.

    2. Ohhh yeah i get that actually. I know somebody who always introduces himself as Anthony but with family and people close to him, he was Robert because his middle name was Anthony and its like how his first name is Robert and middle name is anthony. lol

    3. I just don’t get why you’d do that. It seems like you have 2 personalities. But anyway, we’re on good terms again, so what the heck. I just want to know what I should call him once I see him 😛

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